Friday, February 27, 2009
Dragon boating!
its 2day de day that ncc had our dragon boating
split into 4 groups quite ok wif the grouping had competition against each other won a match and oso got 2nd for de other but poor xiaolei n roysten as their team came in last for both match
after dragon boating xiaolei,mingjie,jianghao n me went to find soon jye for basketball yuhe came onli after his tuition abit late though continued playing till around 2145 den went home

2moro chenli party☺☻

Thursday, February 12, 2009
today is the day that all of the classes got sealed in our own classroom wif a little bit of light n limited oxygen as we did our IPP drills today.
surprising it wasnt that hot after all or maybe thats becuz we were onli trapped in class for 1 hour.we were being coached by mr wong of wad to do during the IPP.
we sealed de windows n doors wif GARBAGE BAG n masking tape after all of these were done we made a toilet using chairs as wall n GARBAGE BAG as the place where u settle ur business during the period in class being sealed was very boring n we were being banned frm using phones.
most of the ppl in the class were sitting in groups playing their games n Clarence,Roysten,Jiang Hao n me juz sit there n fan ourselves as the announcement were made to unsealed the doors n windows all of the ppl ran out of class n cheering in joy!☺

Monday, February 9, 2009
these few days were very crappy everything is repeating itself i had no control over it but today sch was fun
manage to see how fredrick control his class to do work given,that is very gay he make sure every1 is in de class n wad he did was lock them up inside until all of them finish their work n pass 2 him . HIM HESELF WASNT DOING THE WORK THE GAY JUST COPY FROM SOME1 ELSE
2 his surprise he got an escaped prisoner that had not done her work thats so stupid of him
his class did their work very slowly so we went to gym without him den we went for dinner n zao home


Wednesday, February 4, 2009
we spent 80% of our time of 2day NCC doing PDS which is conducted by fredrick n irffaan.We were being split into 2 groups 1 group taken by fredrick n another by irffaan i were that unlucky to be in irffaan group.
Its not irffaan that i dun like,its the fact that there is ¾ of the people there that is saying this not bcuz that im racist but these indians are usually de 1 making trouble.
I can also tell that irffaan is not willing to teach tis group also he even send most of the indians away.I felt more peaceful n is more willing to learn

Sunday, February 1, 2009
Boring day
spent my day as usual by eating,playing,watching of tv nothing interesting happened today.
hoping for a better tomorrow

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Gisburne Loh 31/7/1994 birthday n i like to joke around :D
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